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Diamond Package for First Package

first birthday party celibration
  1. Entrance gate with designer balloons choose from 10 designs.
  2. Cake table decoration with spiral round .
  3. Four pillar cake station choose from 10 designs.
  4. Balloon decoration in hall(800).
  5. Happy B’Day board on entrance.
  6. Balloons flower on every guest table.
  7. Cut outs theme based (8).
  8. Back drop with name and photo.( 6*4 feet ).
  9. Bless board.
  10. Par light.
  11. Entrance mat (1)
  12. Khoi bag. (1)
  13. Loot bags. (20)
  14. Eye masks. (20)
  15. B’day Caps. (20)
  16. Hooters. (20)
  17. B’day Candle. (1)
  18. Popper. (1)

Choose any One activity

Magic show, Balloon modeling, Hair beading,

Puppet show, Game coordinator, Caricatures, Nail art

Complimentory two activity

  1. Tattoo artist
  2. Ring the butterfly

Platinum Package for First birthday

1st birthday in delhi
  1. Entrance gate with designer balloons choose from 10 designs.
  2. Four pillar cake station choose from 10 designs.
  3. Cake table decoration with spiral round.
  4. Hall decoration (1000).
  5. Welcome board on entrance gate.
  6. Italian pillars with polka dot (6).
  7. Cut outs at entrance gate (theme based) (2).
  8. Cut outs at cake table (theme based) (2).
  9. Back drop with name and photo (6*4 Feet digital print).
  10. Bless board.
  11. Cut outs theme based (6).
  12. Entrance mat.
  13. Special (1No.) foil Balloon With helium gas.
  14. Return gift table decoration with arch.
  15. Helium gas balloon bouquets on guest table (10).
  16. One foil balloon on every bouquet (star).
  17. Center piece on every bouquet.
  18. Khoi Bag (1)
  19. Loot Bag (20)
  20. Eye Mask (20)
  21. Birthday Cap (20)
  22. Hooters (20)
  23. Birthday Candle ( 1 ).
  24. Party Popper (1)
  25. Par light on entrance gate.

Choose any two activity

Magic show, puppet show, Game coordinator,

Nail art, caricature, hair beading, name beading, Balloon Modeling.

Complimentory two activity

  1. Tattoo glitters
  2. feed the Doremon

The first birthday of a kid is perhaps one of the most cherished memory for the parents. It is special, not so much to your kid, but to us, because these are the times that we will never forget as a parent. The celebration and the party is of equal importance to the parents, as well the friends and other family members who will be there to see your baby son or daughter grow for many years to come. Most certainly your kid will not remember his or her 1st birthday, but as a parent, you will be able to share with them the stories of that special day many years later in life. In order to make that birthday memorable, we help you plan the perfect birthday party for the kids. For the child, he or she gets a lot of attention from people they see as strangers, this makes them uncomfortable, fearful and irritated.

They love attention, but too much of it and they react by crying, screams and tears. They can be kept distracted by putting in the right decorations, with which we can help. Also keep in mind that this is a special day in your life than anyone else's. Take lots of pictures and shoot a lot of videos. Ask someone for help so that you get a chance to be in those pictures and videos, while they take the pictures. Above all, we make sure that your kid is in a stress-free environment. A happy kid will automatically result in a memorable birthday party.